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Adele mash-up video

Usually Adele covers are a bad idea. People should just give them up because it never turns out quite right BUT I can’t get over this one from Glee. And I’m pretty sure its #1 on iTunes. Get into it!

Also…bonus slap. Its just so good lol

Slap heard 'round the world

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RIP Heavy D

Heavy D of Heavy D & The Boys died today at age 44. He was transported to a hospital from his Beverly Hills home around 11:25 today and pronounced dead at 1pm PT. The police plan to investigate but there is no reason to believe there was foul play.44 is entirely too young to die. Mortality is real and it seems to be coming after all the greats.


Hip hop….real,fun hip hop is actually dying. Just take a moment to think about that….


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Kim K. divorce spoof on SNL

I stopped watching SNL sometime in the mid 2000’s. I don’t have the time and I found it to be considerably less funny. But sometimes they do something good. This Kardashian divorce spoof is hilarious. Mostly because I actually believe that it could happen just like that.

Note to self: If you ever become famous and have plans to do something ridiculous do not do it during the start of an SNL week.

Check it out!

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Lipstick&jeggings on men=XY movement

Everybody is all up in arms about this rapper from Dallas who wears lipstick and floral prints. His name is Daryll Phillips (@DPhilGood on twitter)  and you can check out his music (if you care to) here .

Lets jump right in. The fact is that gender lines are blurred all over the place. I’m all but convinced that men will be hard pressed to find jeans that aren’t “skinny” in a few years and department stores have less and less separation between gender departments these days. I mean no one said anything when Lil Wayne wore those OBVIOUSLY feminine jeggings on stage. In fact I heard people defending him like “Well he doesn’t buy his clothes! I bet he has a stylist!” So I guess the real issue people are having is that this guy admits to buying and choosing to wear large flower prints on his skin tight leggings. Or is it the lipstick? Because its cool for Wayne, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Chris Brown and everyone else to wear impossibly skinny jeans that I don’t believe contain an ounce of denim. So its the lipstick right? I admit, its not his shade.

But he says that he is doing it for a reason and it sounds admirable it not also a ploy for attention. But the right cause for the wrong reasons sometimes creates change…right?

Who are we kidding the real problem here is the notion of masculinity. Tight clothes and bright colors are for women. And apparently rich men. No one knows who this kid is, we can’t count his many children by different women so he must be gay. Right? I don’t know…I’m not saying that he isn’t gay. Maybe he is. But he says he isn’t so who am I to tell him what he is? I won’t pretend that when I came across the story I didn’t laugh a bit. Hell, its funny. But whats really funny is: gay or straight while we’re  spending all this time talking about it and calling him names we’re putting money in his pocket. We’re funding that jegging budget. He is getting air time,twitter followers, mixtape views and attention that his music(not so great in my opinion) would never have gotten him.

So maybe the joke is on us. I mean crazy  clothes worked for Prince and Gaga. Why wouldn’t it work for him? I don’t think he is nearly as talented from what I’ve heard but lets stop pretending that talent is a true factor in music now days. He is giving good drama. Definitely blurring the lines of both gender and sexuality but his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind. Would I date a guy who dressed like this? No. Not my style. I have enough trouble putting on and taking off my own tight jeans. I can’t be with a man who needs help too lol. But maybe shes into that sort of thing. They can share accessories.

Check out the video and decide for yourself. I’m happily indifferent.

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