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More Justin Bieber…Yay!(?)



Imagine a baby with that hair LOL



In an expected shocking twist Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against the Biebs. Apparently there was some ( A LOT) of evidence that she was making the whole thing up. Instead of going for the lawsuit she decided to saddle up with new lawyers and attempt to settle out of court.

Unfortunately for her Bieber’s camp is not interested in the cover up. Though she has dropped the suit the young millionaire still plans to go through with the paternity test hoping to discourage these kinds of accusations in the future. In fact he could be getting his cheek swabbed right this second.While this sort of behavior is likely intelligent and courageous, it isn’t half as much fun as it could be.

Though it might get fun again if/when Bieber sues her for defamation…I guess we will wait for the results which will likely be negative. Especially since Yeater has been accused of sending several text messages to a friend asking her to not tell anyone that her ex was the real father and begging her to delete all texts that might prove that. *sigh*

However as it seems that the whole story was made up and the girl went through all this trouble to see it through…I don’t know its a bit hard to believe that they didn’t do something. And if they didn’t Yeater either has a great imagination or shes a couple cards short of a deck. Either way I think someone might want to take that baby away from her before she tries to blame it on some other celeb I don’t care about. Because I am NOT blogging about Twilight. I won’t do it! Unless they do something interesting…

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