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Terry McMillan why so bitter?

I like Terry McMillan.I do. At least in theory. I’ve never met her and honestly she seems kind of…mean in interviews. But she is a fairly competent author.One of the handful that readily come to most people’s mind when asked to name African American female writers. I just think its sad that after all these years and novels full of affirming messages she is STILL “Waiting to Exhale”.

I get it. You …got your groove back and the guy turned out to be gay. That hurts. It was wrong of him and embarrassing. And while I can’t say there is a timeline for healing but I’d say two appearances on Oprah later you should probably be less bitter and less prone to insulting strangers.

For some reason last night Ms. McMillan decided to say that people with over 60,000 tweets must be either “lonely as hell” or unemployed. O_o

McMillan calls followers names

First off I’m annoyed by people who complain about social networks while ON social networks. Its twitter. And I get that shes some fancy writer who has had her novels turned into movies and probably has more change in her couch cushions than I have in my bank account BUT that doesn’t mean I’m unemployed or lonely.

Well…I guess she wasn’t talking to me because I don’t have 60,000 tweets but I also don’t have that many followers so it wouldn’t make sense for me  to be talking that much. If I did I would though. And I would still have a job and people to talk to. Things to do. AND I’d still be pretty. No that isn’t relevant. I just like to say it 😀

Anyway McMillan had the web all atwitter for about two hours as people broke her down in retaliation. I mean she is kind of an easy target. She went to Jamaica and married a man half her age. That man turned out to be gay(surprise surprise). She made a fool of herself on Oprah…you know there is a lot to say if you’re that kind of person.

I think that everyone has a right to opinions. You can think and say whatever you want. And I’m not sure what prompted her to tweet that but it was a wide generalization with no basis in real truth. That isn’t cool. And really not smart considering that the people who follow her on twitter are financing her lifestyle.

Personally I think that Terry needs to start Getting to Happy or pull a Disappearing Act because any apology that she could come up with would be A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

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