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Adele mash-up video

Usually Adele covers are a bad idea. People should just give them up because it never turns out quite right BUT I can’t get over this one from Glee. And I’m pretty sure its #1 on iTunes. Get into it!

Also…bonus slap. Its just so good lol

Slap heard 'round the world

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Glee:Mash-up my thoughts

This week’s Glee was pretty controversial. Before you ask why I was even watching Glee, let me explain. I had never seen one minute of Glee until this summer. Its not that I thought I’d hate it.Just hadn’t seen it and hadn’t gotten around to it. Now, over the summer a friend and I would go see movies every other week or so because we were both bored and movies were easy and relatively cheap to meet up and do.

The Glee concert movie was coming out and I knew she would want to see that and that I would get dragged along no matter what I did. I also knew I would have no clue what was happening because…I had no clue about Glee. So I did what any self-respecting entertainment aficionado would do: I hunkered down with Netflix and Hulu and watched both previous seasons in as many weeks.

It wasn’t bad. And when I went to the movie I didn’t have to ask too many questions. Since then I’ve kept watching the show because…why not? With that being said if you plan to watch the episode now would be the time to bail.

There was a lot going on this week, the mash off, presidential race, outing…you know noting out of the ordinary. There has been some internet rioting over the outing so I will save that for last. This race for class president is quite ridiculous and scarily representative of a real high school election. No one can really do anything as a student leader and a lot of people run just because or to pad their resumes. In any event Kurt was quite admirable and his speech was all kinds of cute. I’m glad Rachel dropped out because she never should have been running and her face annoys me.I’m surprised that she hasn’t been hit more.

Kurt for president! Though I wish they would write him a storyline that doesn’t revolve around his sexuality. Not that I have a problem with it because I don’t. It’s just that I assume there is more to him than that. The kid is talented.

Ok so on to the mash off. New Directions: …Tina sang. I liked that.Sometimes I forget that Tina can sing because they largely act like she isn’t there. The costumes were hilarious and over all the performance was solid. I fear that my review of it is tainted by the fact that the Trouble Tones basically ended and restored my life with that Adele mash-up.

The important part. The outing. I will try to keep it short. The summary:Finn is a BITCH. I’d say excuse my language but…nah. That was the worst thing he could have done and he was completely unapologetic. Yes. Santana is mean. She called him fat. “Oh no how dare she”. I’m not saying she is right for that because she isn’t. BUT she called him fat to his face. She didn’t yell it down the hallway. She didn’t take away his choice to tell everyone that he was fat on his own.

Finn realized that he couldn’t win a war of words with her, he couldn’t even win a game of dodgeball against her, so he did the most hurtful thing he could think of. He changed the course of her life and her senior year. Even though he has a step brother who was driven out of the same school by bullies. His girlfriend has two dads! The fact that those two didn’t get together and smack him pisses me off. If my boyfriend did that I would drop him immediately because he is a malicious bastard.

That whole “Everyone already knows” bull….

Obviously they don’t already know because if they did he wouldn’t have used it to try to hurt her. And even if people thought they knew its not his place to all but confirm it in the hallway.

I don’t condone violence unless it is necessary BUT Santana should have slapped him. Its his fault that there was a commercial made to out her to the entire world. She should’ve punched his face off. I was in favor of all the Trouble Tones descending on him and leaving nothing but a pile of bones. But I am over dramatic.

Seriously though. She hurt his feelings. And had he walked up to her and whispered the same thing, just scared her by letting her know that he knew…I’d feel differently but he didn’t.I never was a huge fan of Finn…or Rachel for that matter. Their dopey, corny relationship just isn’t my cup of tea. But unless she lets him have it for what he did… I’m over them all together.

I have more feelings on the subject but…this post is long enough.Let me know what you think!

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