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Fan Fiction:Cool or…crazy?

So I’m back. I’ve been ridiculously busy and while I love blogging I think I love sleep more.Since I didn’t get much sleep.I didn’t do any blogging. Easy logic in Vonda’s world.

Anyway while I wasn’t sleeping I found myself a new hobby:reading fan fiction. Maybe I’m late to the party but I’d never really heard about fan fiction before. During one of my random internet searches I landed in this world of make believe based completely on works of…fiction. Its fiction for fiction!

Basically fan fiction is born when fan write new stories for their favorite characters. Its not surprising that these sort of things crop up as avid viewers are often dissatisfied with story lines or the lack of attention their favorite characters get. To be perfectly honest some of it seems to be a vehicle for gratuitous sex scenes that the fans wish they could see played out on screen. Thats cool too.But some of it is actually really good. Like these people are great writers and you wonder what they do in real life and why they aren’t writing.

I won’t lie. I’m not 100% sure if I think fan fiction is lame and needy or awesome and cool. On one hand its like: “Who has this much time to put into a television character?” But when you think about it we all do. We all have shows and characters that we like and we wait week to week to see what will happen. Every second of a character’s development can’t be shown on screen so we fill in the blanks. If one episode ends with a date, and the next begins with those two as a couple we assume that some time has passed. That there have been more dates. We put something in that space otherwise television time lines would make no sense.

I can’t be the only one who has ever thought “It would be nice to have seen what happened between point A and B.” or “I wonder what they talked about after they left the room”. Its human nature. I just don’t know if I would spend time writing about it. Not that I have time anyway…

The upsides that I can see to writing fan fiction is that there is little pressure. Every single thing is imaginary. I mean you’re writing imaginary stories about people who are already fictional. And nothing that you do is permanent. It doesn’t affect the show or anything really. Its just fun.

Also it saves people the work of assigning a face and character traits to your characters. They come pre assembled and with back ground. You can change their past or build on it but you don’t have to waste the time rehashing it. Unless you address it and state a new “fact” the foundation is there. Its like you have already written a series. Whatever you do comes with a built in audience. As a writer I have to admit that it sounds pretty cool. As an excitable television viewer it would be nice to feel some control over what happens to your favorites no matter how little.

I came across the phenomenon while looking up things on Greys Anatomy so the few I’ve read have been about that show. And as I think you’re meant to; I stuck to my favorite character:Callie. I was scared to venture off too far in this crazy world and Callie is safe and fun and nothing bad could ever happen to her right?WRONG.

During my descent into the world of fan fiction I read a REALLY great story. It was disturbing and beautiful and at times rated for a more mature audience but it was a good story. But what made the story that much more effective is that it was happening to characters I already felt like I knew. Seriously I read it in one sitting and its not exactly short. But I couldn’t stop until I found out how it would end. I had just about every emotional response known to man.I might need another post just for the feelings.

 Bleeding is a Luxury messed up my mind for at least a full day. Its not safe for work…or life but oh so necessary.I don’t know who the author is for sure because on  fanfiction.net people post their writing under user names. But whoever write this crazy and beautiful story gets a thumbs up from me.Also you get a complementary thumbs down for what you did to Callie…how dare you?!

…I digress.If you’ve never checked out any fan fiction I think that you should.Not all of it is award worthy or even grammatically correct but so what?(Except that last part kind of gets to me…)  I’ve found it fun and less work than regular reading because you already have most of the info 😀 Just be mindful of what you read.Gratuitous sex remember?

Go check out Bleeding is a Luxury and tell me what you think.

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