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The Strange Thing About the Johnsons:Discuss

I like bad movies almost as much as I love good movies. Low budget,bad lighting, horrible dialogue,cheap wigs… its beautiful stuff. The stuff that lazy Saturdays are made of. So last night when I kept seeing people talk about this short film on Twitter I knew I had to take a look. Little did I know it would be one of the most creepy&disturbing things that I’ve seen in a while. I had to sleep on it before posting it.

I’m not easily upset or grossed out. I’m not. I watched the video of my nephew being born while eating cereal. I could watch an alien autopsy while eating spaghetti. But some things are just…who the hell comes up with this crap?!

I won’t review it just yet. I’ll give you guys a chance to check it out. If you want you can see it HERE. Trust me if you can watch this without having any opinion (that you should come back here and share) then you have no soul.


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Lipstick&jeggings on men=XY movement

Everybody is all up in arms about this rapper from Dallas who wears lipstick and floral prints. His name is Daryll Phillips (@DPhilGood on twitter)  and you can check out his music (if you care to) here .

Lets jump right in. The fact is that gender lines are blurred all over the place. I’m all but convinced that men will be hard pressed to find jeans that aren’t “skinny” in a few years and department stores have less and less separation between gender departments these days. I mean no one said anything when Lil Wayne wore those OBVIOUSLY feminine jeggings on stage. In fact I heard people defending him like “Well he doesn’t buy his clothes! I bet he has a stylist!” So I guess the real issue people are having is that this guy admits to buying and choosing to wear large flower prints on his skin tight leggings. Or is it the lipstick? Because its cool for Wayne, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Chris Brown and everyone else to wear impossibly skinny jeans that I don’t believe contain an ounce of denim. So its the lipstick right? I admit, its not his shade.

But he says that he is doing it for a reason and it sounds admirable it not also a ploy for attention. But the right cause for the wrong reasons sometimes creates change…right?

Who are we kidding the real problem here is the notion of masculinity. Tight clothes and bright colors are for women. And apparently rich men. No one knows who this kid is, we can’t count his many children by different women so he must be gay. Right? I don’t know…I’m not saying that he isn’t gay. Maybe he is. But he says he isn’t so who am I to tell him what he is? I won’t pretend that when I came across the story I didn’t laugh a bit. Hell, its funny. But whats really funny is: gay or straight while we’re  spending all this time talking about it and calling him names we’re putting money in his pocket. We’re funding that jegging budget. He is getting air time,twitter followers, mixtape views and attention that his music(not so great in my opinion) would never have gotten him.

So maybe the joke is on us. I mean crazy  clothes worked for Prince and Gaga. Why wouldn’t it work for him? I don’t think he is nearly as talented from what I’ve heard but lets stop pretending that talent is a true factor in music now days. He is giving good drama. Definitely blurring the lines of both gender and sexuality but his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind. Would I date a guy who dressed like this? No. Not my style. I have enough trouble putting on and taking off my own tight jeans. I can’t be with a man who needs help too lol. But maybe shes into that sort of thing. They can share accessories.

Check out the video and decide for yourself. I’m happily indifferent.

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Baby Bieber? Woman claims Justin is the father.

So there is a 20 year old woman who is claiming to have had Justin Bieber’s baby. Allegedly the then 19 year old Mariah Yeater hooked up with the 17 year old after a show in LA last year. Bieber’s people immediately slammed the allegations denying any involvement with the young woman. For the first time EVER I am slightly interested in Justin Bieber.

For now I will skip the discussion on how creepy in borderline if not completely illegal it is for this chick to even want to have sex with Justin Bieber. AND I bet she bragged about it. Thats too serious for my mood right now. Lets stay in the sexy funny part of things.

Those little pre teen girls are going to lose their minds if this is his baby. Poor Mariah Yeater won’t be able to leave the house.Didn’t whats her name from the Disney channel get death threats for dating him? Just imagine what these future stalkers will do to the girl with the child?Hilarity will ensue. I mean except for the fact that it could get dangerous…blah blah blah.

Anyway part of me hopes that it is his baby just to show kids that all the pseudo sex bull that they spout can get real. If the accusers story is true this was Bieber’s “first time” ( a line I’m sure he uses on all the girls) AND it was unprotected. Add in the fact that he picked her up after a show and this discounts everything that Bieber has said about sex.  Apparently he has been known to say that he doesn’t believe that you should have sex with someone that you don’t love. Sounds like lies to me Biebs.

Not to mention the fact that the parents fueling his multi million dollar lifestyle on the belief that he is innocent entertainment will flip and likely ban him from their homes. The backlash…like that time that Miley Cyrus posed “naked” for that magazine…

BUT I will not assume that this is true. No matter how badly I want to believe it is just for the jokes. Its just alleged right now but being as the girl is suing for a paternity test I guess we shall see….

Really though…I just imagine him moaning “baby…Baby…BABY OOOHHHH!!!!” for all 30 seconds that the girls says it lasted.


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