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Fan Fiction:Cool or…crazy?

So I’m back. I’ve been ridiculously busy and while I love blogging I think I love sleep more.Since I didn’t get much sleep.I didn’t do any blogging. Easy logic in Vonda’s world.

Anyway while I wasn’t sleeping I found myself a new hobby:reading fan fiction. Maybe I’m late to the party but I’d never really heard about fan fiction before. During one of my random internet searches I landed in this world of make believe based completely on works of…fiction. Its fiction for fiction!

Basically fan fiction is born when fan write new stories for their favorite characters. Its not surprising that these sort of things crop up as avid viewers are often dissatisfied with story lines or the lack of attention their favorite characters get. To be perfectly honest some of it seems to be a vehicle for gratuitous sex scenes that the fans wish they could see played out on screen. Thats cool too.But some of it is actually really good. Like these people are great writers and you wonder what they do in real life and why they aren’t writing.

I won’t lie. I’m not 100% sure if I think fan fiction is lame and needy or awesome and cool. On one hand its like: “Who has this much time to put into a television character?” But when you think about it we all do. We all have shows and characters that we like and we wait week to week to see what will happen. Every second of a character’s development can’t be shown on screen so we fill in the blanks. If one episode ends with a date, and the next begins with those two as a couple we assume that some time has passed. That there have been more dates. We put something in that space otherwise television time lines would make no sense.

I can’t be the only one who has ever thought “It would be nice to have seen what happened between point A and B.” or “I wonder what they talked about after they left the room”. Its human nature. I just don’t know if I would spend time writing about it. Not that I have time anyway…

The upsides that I can see to writing fan fiction is that there is little pressure. Every single thing is imaginary. I mean you’re writing imaginary stories about people who are already fictional. And nothing that you do is permanent. It doesn’t affect the show or anything really. Its just fun.

Also it saves people the work of assigning a face and character traits to your characters. They come pre assembled and with back ground. You can change their past or build on it but you don’t have to waste the time rehashing it. Unless you address it and state a new “fact” the foundation is there. Its like you have already written a series. Whatever you do comes with a built in audience. As a writer I have to admit that it sounds pretty cool. As an excitable television viewer it would be nice to feel some control over what happens to your favorites no matter how little.

I came across the phenomenon while looking up things on Greys Anatomy so the few I’ve read have been about that show. And as I think you’re meant to; I stuck to my favorite character:Callie. I was scared to venture off too far in this crazy world and Callie is safe and fun and nothing bad could ever happen to her right?WRONG.

During my descent into the world of fan fiction I read a REALLY great story. It was disturbing and beautiful and at times rated for a more mature audience but it was a good story. But what made the story that much more effective is that it was happening to characters I already felt like I knew. Seriously I read it in one sitting and its not exactly short. But I couldn’t stop until I found out how it would end. I had just about every emotional response known to man.I might need another post just for the feelings.

 Bleeding is a Luxury messed up my mind for at least a full day. Its not safe for work…or life but oh so necessary.I don’t know who the author is for sure because on people post their writing under user names. But whoever write this crazy and beautiful story gets a thumbs up from me.Also you get a complementary thumbs down for what you did to Callie…how dare you?!

…I digress.If you’ve never checked out any fan fiction I think that you should.Not all of it is award worthy or even grammatically correct but so what?(Except that last part kind of gets to me…)  I’ve found it fun and less work than regular reading because you already have most of the info 😀 Just be mindful of what you read.Gratuitous sex remember?

Go check out Bleeding is a Luxury and tell me what you think.

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Terry McMillan why so bitter?

I like Terry McMillan.I do. At least in theory. I’ve never met her and honestly she seems kind of…mean in interviews. But she is a fairly competent author.One of the handful that readily come to most people’s mind when asked to name African American female writers. I just think its sad that after all these years and novels full of affirming messages she is STILL “Waiting to Exhale”.

I get it. You …got your groove back and the guy turned out to be gay. That hurts. It was wrong of him and embarrassing. And while I can’t say there is a timeline for healing but I’d say two appearances on Oprah later you should probably be less bitter and less prone to insulting strangers.

For some reason last night Ms. McMillan decided to say that people with over 60,000 tweets must be either “lonely as hell” or unemployed. O_o

McMillan calls followers names

First off I’m annoyed by people who complain about social networks while ON social networks. Its twitter. And I get that shes some fancy writer who has had her novels turned into movies and probably has more change in her couch cushions than I have in my bank account BUT that doesn’t mean I’m unemployed or lonely.

Well…I guess she wasn’t talking to me because I don’t have 60,000 tweets but I also don’t have that many followers so it wouldn’t make sense for me  to be talking that much. If I did I would though. And I would still have a job and people to talk to. Things to do. AND I’d still be pretty. No that isn’t relevant. I just like to say it 😀

Anyway McMillan had the web all atwitter for about two hours as people broke her down in retaliation. I mean she is kind of an easy target. She went to Jamaica and married a man half her age. That man turned out to be gay(surprise surprise). She made a fool of herself on Oprah…you know there is a lot to say if you’re that kind of person.

I think that everyone has a right to opinions. You can think and say whatever you want. And I’m not sure what prompted her to tweet that but it was a wide generalization with no basis in real truth. That isn’t cool. And really not smart considering that the people who follow her on twitter are financing her lifestyle.

Personally I think that Terry needs to start Getting to Happy or pull a Disappearing Act because any apology that she could come up with would be A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

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Cure for a bad day additions

Just for Tisha. Because you asked nicely 🙂

And also this because…does this really exist? I want some.

EDIT:Apparently it does exist.Or it did. Limited time offering something or other. Read about it HERE

Obama ice cream

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Cure for a bad day :)

You ever have one of those days where its not exactly high stress but you still feel like…









And everybody keeps telling you to calm down and that makes it worse…












I have the cure for that kind of day. Get into a room by yourself. Turn the music up REALLY loud and just…












Naya Rivera

Anyway I’ll be back later. I think I will be blogging about….Justin Bieber

Sara Ramirez frustration

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Quick update

I’ve been MIA for about a week. Its not that I didn’t think about you guys because I did. I just didn’t feel…inspired to write anything. That, and I have been ridiculously busy.Pretty sure I passed a Biology exam though. But never fear for I shall return to you with sarcasm and laughs for everyone. Just not…tonight.

I do plan to do a review of this week’s Glee episode where I will also explain why I’m even watching Glee. I waited until today so that it wouldn’t be a spoiler for anyone who hadn’t seen it but now I’m really tired. So look for it tomorrow. Don’t worry it will be good.

Anything else you want me to sink my teeth into?Let me know. Did you know that you can comment on the blog directly? Its crazy I know. Go ahead and give it a try to see if it works. Tell me what you want me to talk about. Send me questions to I want to know how you feel! Or something…get to it people.

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Retribution for MJ?

Finally there is a verdict in the Conrad Murray case. I knew about the verdict when it first came down but I had to sit with it for a while.A jury decided that he was criminally negligent. As if it were up for debate.

The truth so far as I see it is that “Dr” Murray killed a man.Knowingly took actions that he had to have known were dangerous and potentially deadly. Unfortunately for him that man was Michael Jackson. One of the most recognizable people on the planet.

There are places in the world where they don’t know Jesus but they know Michael Jackson. And this “doctor” killed him. It doesn’t matter what Jackson paid him to do. Previous drug problems matter even less. Even if Jackson had self-administered a lethal dose of the drug it shouldn’t have been in the room. It shouldn’t have been made available outside of a hospital under the proper conditions.

It was criminal of him to offer to administer any amount of  propofol. He took an oath. I’m assuming he did as he called himself doctor. He is supposed to help people. Everybody knows the facts by now. The allegations. How Murray seemed more interested in cleaning up and getting out of there before anyone could point a finger at him. How he allowed Jackson’s children to see him as he lay there dying. The complete disregard for life….

I love Michael Jackson. I love music and its near impossible to love music and disregard the man who made Thriller. But this could have been Michael Jackson 2300 Main St and I would be outraged. You just can’t do things like this and get away with them.

I know people are making a lot of Casey Anthony comparisons. Yea…I know Murray was found guilty and Anthony wasn’t. But… Murray IS guilty. So is Anthony and I get that. I’m not saying that she should go free. No one asked me my opinion on her case. If they had she would’ve been lead to the court-house lawn, shot by a firing squad of parents who lost their children,dismembered, loaded into garbage bags of cement mix and thrown into a lake. As dramatic(and unlikely) as that sounds…

Anyway, now Murray is in custody without bail awaiting sentencing at on November 29. They charged him with involuntary manslaughter. A maximum sentence of four years. O_o  He is going to get off way too easy. I have lots of thoughts about it but they could mostly be summed up by Nancy Grace here .

“He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide,” reasons Grace, who offers legal commentary on her nightly HLN current affairs program. “He and Casey Anthony can have a tea party when he gets out in four years,” she tells Us, referring to the 25-year-old Florida mom found not guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee, 2.

Just for that quote I’m going to retract all the jokes I’ve made about her hair. This verdict. No matter how small is justice. Just a little bit. In a perfect world he would get a 1st degree murder charge and rot in jail. But maybe he’ll spend his four years in that Philippine prison where they dance to Thriller.That would be great.


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Lipstick&jeggings on men=XY movement

Everybody is all up in arms about this rapper from Dallas who wears lipstick and floral prints. His name is Daryll Phillips (@DPhilGood on twitter)  and you can check out his music (if you care to) here .

Lets jump right in. The fact is that gender lines are blurred all over the place. I’m all but convinced that men will be hard pressed to find jeans that aren’t “skinny” in a few years and department stores have less and less separation between gender departments these days. I mean no one said anything when Lil Wayne wore those OBVIOUSLY feminine jeggings on stage. In fact I heard people defending him like “Well he doesn’t buy his clothes! I bet he has a stylist!” So I guess the real issue people are having is that this guy admits to buying and choosing to wear large flower prints on his skin tight leggings. Or is it the lipstick? Because its cool for Wayne, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Chris Brown and everyone else to wear impossibly skinny jeans that I don’t believe contain an ounce of denim. So its the lipstick right? I admit, its not his shade.

But he says that he is doing it for a reason and it sounds admirable it not also a ploy for attention. But the right cause for the wrong reasons sometimes creates change…right?

Who are we kidding the real problem here is the notion of masculinity. Tight clothes and bright colors are for women. And apparently rich men. No one knows who this kid is, we can’t count his many children by different women so he must be gay. Right? I don’t know…I’m not saying that he isn’t gay. Maybe he is. But he says he isn’t so who am I to tell him what he is? I won’t pretend that when I came across the story I didn’t laugh a bit. Hell, its funny. But whats really funny is: gay or straight while we’re  spending all this time talking about it and calling him names we’re putting money in his pocket. We’re funding that jegging budget. He is getting air time,twitter followers, mixtape views and attention that his music(not so great in my opinion) would never have gotten him.

So maybe the joke is on us. I mean crazy  clothes worked for Prince and Gaga. Why wouldn’t it work for him? I don’t think he is nearly as talented from what I’ve heard but lets stop pretending that talent is a true factor in music now days. He is giving good drama. Definitely blurring the lines of both gender and sexuality but his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind. Would I date a guy who dressed like this? No. Not my style. I have enough trouble putting on and taking off my own tight jeans. I can’t be with a man who needs help too lol. But maybe shes into that sort of thing. They can share accessories.

Check out the video and decide for yourself. I’m happily indifferent.

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