Retribution for MJ?

Finally there is a verdict in the Conrad Murray case. I knew about the verdict when it first came down but I had to sit with it for a while.A jury decided that he was criminally negligent. As if it were up for debate.

The truth so far as I see it is that “Dr” Murray killed a man.Knowingly took actions that he had to have known were dangerous and potentially deadly. Unfortunately for him that man was Michael Jackson. One of the most recognizable people on the planet.

There are places in the world where they don’t know Jesus but they know Michael Jackson. And this “doctor” killed him. It doesn’t matter what Jackson paid him to do. Previous drug problems matter even less. Even if Jackson had self-administered a lethal dose of the drug it shouldn’t have been in the room. It shouldn’t have been made available outside of a hospital under the proper conditions.

It was criminal of him to offer to administer any amount of  propofol. He took an oath. I’m assuming he did as he called himself doctor. He is supposed to help people. Everybody knows the facts by now. The allegations. How Murray seemed more interested in cleaning up and getting out of there before anyone could point a finger at him. How he allowed Jackson’s children to see him as he lay there dying. The complete disregard for life….

I love Michael Jackson. I love music and its near impossible to love music and disregard the man who made Thriller. But this could have been Michael Jackson 2300 Main St and I would be outraged. You just can’t do things like this and get away with them.

I know people are making a lot of Casey Anthony comparisons. Yea…I know Murray was found guilty and Anthony wasn’t. But… Murray IS guilty. So is Anthony and I get that. I’m not saying that she should go free. No one asked me my opinion on her case. If they had she would’ve been lead to the court-house lawn, shot by a firing squad of parents who lost their children,dismembered, loaded into garbage bags of cement mix and thrown into a lake. As dramatic(and unlikely) as that sounds…

Anyway, now Murray is in custody without bail awaiting sentencing at on November 29. They charged him with involuntary manslaughter. A maximum sentence of four years. O_o  He is going to get off way too easy. I have lots of thoughts about it but they could mostly be summed up by Nancy Grace here .

“He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide,” reasons Grace, who offers legal commentary on her nightly HLN current affairs program. “He and Casey Anthony can have a tea party when he gets out in four years,” she tells Us, referring to the 25-year-old Florida mom found not guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee, 2.

Just for that quote I’m going to retract all the jokes I’ve made about her hair. This verdict. No matter how small is justice. Just a little bit. In a perfect world he would get a 1st degree murder charge and rot in jail. But maybe he’ll spend his four years in that Philippine prison where they dance to Thriller.That would be great.


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