Pictures of the “Bieber” baby

“You know that baby is his Maury look they have the same mouth!” Alleged Bieber baby mama has released photos of the possible young Bieber claiming that the resemblance is obvious in baby Tristyn’s “pout”. The Biebs team still strongly denies any allegations but the young star has been requested in paternity court in December.

You can see a full story here . I think the baby looks like…a baby. I don’t know what I believe about the allegations but this is the first time that Justin Bieber has been interesting to me. I hope for the sake of that 4 month old baby somebody figures out something. As it stands the mother looks a bit…off and the potential father would rather flip his bangs than be bothered. I guess we’ll wait and see how it pans out.

Also…does anyone else see how ridiculously attractive Bieber’s current girlfriend looks when pictured close to this Mariah girl? I’m not saying that looks are the only things that matter. Just saying that they’re only thing you can see.

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2 thoughts on “Pictures of the “Bieber” baby

  1. dre says:

    I think he gonna just brush it off as all young guys do until it gets proved that the baby is or itsnt his….

    • vondasway says:

      Maybe.I have a feeling that there will be a pay off and the public won’t ever know the results. Money has a way of making things go away.

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