Kim Kardashian is getting divorced

Apparently Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce. Surprise surprise.

After that multi million dollar,televised wedding. All the gifts. Free publicity. Free Vera Wang gowns. and what I’m sure was hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising its all over in…72 days. You can still return a pair of jeans to WalMart after 72 days. I guess all Kim’s shopping prowess enabled her to think in advance and take advantage of the return policy. I mean I knew it wouldn’t last but I thought she would at least fake it out for a year. She didn’t even try.

I’m not a Kim K. fan. I don’t hate her either. I actually find her entertaining in a “she can’t be serious” kind of way. And Kris Humphries, despite closely resembling the third guy from the left on the evolution chart seems nice if not a bit…clueless. But lets be serious almost anyone who asked Kim would have gotten a yes because she wanted a wedding. Not a husband. Not a life but a wedding, a party and some presents. And maybe even a baby. But she wants to be Kim Kardashian until what I assume will be well after the point that we stop caring.

You can see the legal documents here.

The sad part is: she’ll probably get paid on the “heartbreak” too. I wonder who will get the exclusive divorce details.You don’t believe she’ll sell it?The woman filed for separation on Halloween! Be serious.

When are people going to learn? People change and it is ok to fall in love with someone with a past BUT it might not turn out too well if you wife a chick who naked body is readily available on Google. I mean she got famous for a sub par sex tape. Did Humphries really think she had priorities? The real question is: will she return all of those expensive gifts she made her friends buy? Because I would be waiting for reimbursement personally.

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One thought on “Kim Kardashian is getting divorced

  1. michaelmcneese says:

    She is very superficial….i don’t like the way she carry herself….too pretty to be silly…

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