Who am I?

I’m Vonda. I love entertainment. Movies. Music. TV. You name it. I watch the award winning and I watch the trash.I listen to (nearly) every genre. Read lots of books and I’ve been known to spend lots of time and money on movies.  I don’t have any contacts, secret sources or inside knowledge. In fact I’m probably not privy to any information that you can’t get yourself. I bet you’re asking yourself “Well why would I want to read this blog then?”

The thing is why should you have to wade through episodes of Jersey Shore and every second of 8 seasons of Greys Anatomy just for the good bits. I do it for you. You come to me and I give you the big points, all the little points and some other random rambles and rants that I like to think you will find amusing and informative.

Yea I could be doing lots of other things but…why? This is a service to the community. You want to be able to talk about how Snooki passed out AGAIN without actually having to watch it. I get that. I get you. We’re like friends you and me. Don’t you love it? Don’t worry. You’ll learn to.



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